Things continue to remain quiet on the crime front in and around Cochrane.  According to Corporal Troy Savinkoff, "We have certainly noticed a quieting trend that has happened since the COVID 19 situation arose. There are some anxious business owners and we continue to work closely with them. We have upped our patrols."

Tips for concerned business owners:

  • If an alarm trips more than once let police respond instead of attending yourself
  • If you have video surveillance make sure to watch it as often times criminals will scope out a place ahead of time and sometimes it will show up on surveillance 
  • If you do see any unusual activity let the police know and they will adjust patrols accordingly

Corporal Savinkoff adds, "Don't be afraid or alarmed if you see our employees wearing extra protection. Our members going forward are always going to be trying to reduce their exposure so as things progress there will always be enough police officers in place, that are healthy, to assist people with their emergent needs."

Corporal Savinkoff wishes to remind residents that the detachment is closed to the public due to the COVID 19 pandemic but all citizens who have non-emergency issues are encouraged to call the local detachment at 403-851-8000.

If there is an emergency call 911.