Last week, Alberta RCMP released the number of tickets issued on provincial roads over the holiday season. In total 2,468 traffic violations were reported in Alberta.   

That report contained the tally from Cochrane RCMP who were also out in full force for the #SeasonForCaring safe road campaign.  

Cochrane RCMP Sgt. Vinnie Hetu of the Traffic Division provided the local numbers for traffic violations from the period of December 1 to 31, 2022. During that time, there were: 

Four, Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS) resulting in a Fail for blowing over .08 were issued. If it was a first-time offence, the consequences would be having their driver’s licence suspended for 90 days and their driver’s licence seized and destroyed.  One year of the interlock program. Their vehicle was seized for 30 days, a $1000 fine and required attendance at a planning ahead course. 

Four, Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS) Warns were issued and in the case of a first offence, their driver’s licence was suspended for 3 days, and their driver’s licence was seized and returned at the expiry of the suspension. The licence may be destroyed if not claimed within 7 days of the expiry of the suspension. Their vehicle was seized for three days, and a $300 fine must be paid.  

Two IRS Zero Novice violations were issued which means someone with a GDL licence registering an amount of alcohol consumption no matter how minuscule would have their driver’s licence suspended for 30 days. Their driver’s licence was seized and destroyed. The vehicle was seized for seven days and a $200 fine is mandatory. 

One, 24-hour suspension due to recent drug consumption was issued.  

Four, liquor/cannabis-related charges were issued.   

In total, 1051 drivers were screened by means of a Mandatory Alcohol Screening and over 70 violation tickets were issued by local RCMP members.