Cochrane will say goodbye to RCMP Sergeant Jeff Campbell as he leaves to take on a whole new role.

Campbell has been in Cochrane since February 2015, transferred from the Lake Louise detachment. On top of his regular duties, Sgt. Campbell handled the role of communications much of the time as well.

Campbell is now headed to the Federal Enforcement Unit as a Special Investigator with Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (A.S.I.R.T).

Campbell says A.S.I.R.T is tasked independently with investigating police members after a serious incident.

"Under the Alberta Police Act, A.S.I.R.T is charged with investigating any incident such as police involved shootings, where there is a serious death, or injury to someone where the police has been involved. It could be conducting weapons or tasers, police involved shootings, pursuits that involve the death of somebody, the list is fairly broad but very specific because it is on the very high end of the investigative level." 

Campbell says A.S.I.R.T does not take over cases instead they work alongside the investigative team.

"We're not coming in to take the investigation over, we work in conjunction with them so we work within the homicide unit of say the Calgary Police Services, or Major Crime Unit, or RCMP it is a joint investigation that we do."

The role for A.S.I.R.T is to investigate the action of the police officer involved.

"We report directly to the director of A.S.I.R.T, we put our investigation together. We don't make an opinion on whether that officer acted correctly or incorrectly we basically collect unbiased facts and put it to the director of A.S.I.R.T and they make that determination in consultation with the Crown Prosecutor's Office."

A.S.I.R.T also conducts investigations on incidents of sensitive nature.

"Where there is allegations of sexual assault or police corruption, there has been times Where A.S.I.R.T oversees the investigation of the professional standards unit of that home agency RCMP or Calgary Police whoever may have conducted that investigation."

Campbell says majority of officers are doing a great job and following protocol however there are cases when that is not the case.

"There have been times where officers are not infallible they have made mistakes either intentionally or unintentionally. We just follow the evidence where it goes."

He states the public wants transparency.

"The public demands that of us, we have to be that unbiased entity that is out there. If we are not transparent we are not serving the public well.

Campbell wants to ensure that the public has the utmost confidence in law enforcement professionals.

"My whole job is to ensure that our members are doing what they are supposed to be doing correctly. As an instructor I take pride that are members are well trained and that they do the right thing 99.99% of the time."

Campbell will have 20 years of service in September and says he is honoured to move to A.S.I.R.T.

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