Slope Style is back at Canada Olympic Park this weekend. 

Spectators will be treated to lots of back flips, ally oops, tricks, and maneuvers during the Half Pipe on January 14 and 15 then moving into the Slope Style part of the competition which consists of 3 jumps and 2 rail tricks where riders will be scored accordingly.

Three Cochrane youths will be taking part at COP this weekend.  Noah Maisonneuve, internationally ranked snowboarder,  is on a run for the Olympics and plans to travel to Europe and Australia to compete as well. Evan Riddell, 12 and Tyson Lewis, 10 have been riding together for years with Winsport, both recently recieving sponorships.  Lewis and Riddell are also two of the top ranked young snowboarders in Canada.

Chris Lewis, Alberta Snowboarder Association, Board Member and father of Tyson Lewis, says Cochrane is producing some incredible talent for snow sports.

"We are lucky in Cochrane to have two young riders like Evan and Tyson, because they are two of the highest ranked young riders in Canada when it comes to snowboarding and slope style. Snow sport culture in Cochrane is producing some pretty incredible snowboarders."

Riddell, says riders from as far as south as Castle Mountain and as far north as Fort Mac will be taking part in this event. Riddell is excited to see where snowboarding is headed, saying that Alberta is producing some of the top riders in Canada.

"This weekend we are hosting two events. Half pipe with 60-70 riders, and Sunday open slope style competition with 80-110 riders."

Riddell, adds snowboarding can be done by all ages and abilities.

"There are no age ranges on the riders. It basically starts at the grassroots and goes all the way up. It is really about how hard you want to push yourself. That is the art of snowboarding."

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