Cochrane Society for Housing Options owns and operates 38 residential rental units in town. 

The society offers the units to low to moderate income residents in Cochrane.

Home Reno Heaven just launched its 12 Days of Christmas campaign with proceeds going to the society. 

Corrine Burns, Executive Director for Cochrane Society for Housing Options says they rely heavily on Home Reno Heaven and some years profits from them provided 25 per cent of the society's income.

She says "The profits from Home Reno Heaven are reinvested to the affordable programs and services so when people shop local and support this business they are also supporting affordable housing in their community so it's a really great partnership." 

Burns says 80 per cent of their tenants live in their housing units for less than five years because they're able to get back on their feet and move on to a different housing situation. 

The other 20 per cent may be on a disability pension or a fixed income and don't have the financial resources to move on to other housing.

She adds some of their tenants require accessible housing and there's limited availability for housing that has access to elevators and wider doorways.

Burns says volunteers at Home Reno Heaven contribute over 7000 hours of volunteer service every year.