It was a busy day for local tow trucks yesterday as Cochrane motorists navigated through the first significant snowfall of the year.

Jacquie Richards from Big Hill Towing says although there wasn't a lot of snow accumulation locally, the steady snowfall lead to slicker than normal road conditions.

"There were some very icy roads so there were people, unfortunately, going off the roads and into the ditch," explains Richards. "Some folks' day really went sideways because of these incidents."

She says it doesn't matter if it's just a couple of centimetres or a full-on dump of snow, they are always kept busy during the first snowfalls of the season.

"As per usual every year the first significant snowfall  --yes, there's definitely an uptick," explains Richards.

She says that thankfully they didn't attend to any serious accidents yesterday but says as always, motorists need those reminders to adjust their driving to the conditions.

"[Up until now] We've been spoiled with beautiful weather and dry roads, so now all of a sudden we have to adjust our driving and remember that we live in Canada!"

She anticipates that they will keep getting busier as the winter weather settles in, and shares a few reminders for winter drivers

"Keep a far enough distance between yourself and the vehicle in front, give yourself lots of space and time and make sure you're slowing down," reminds Richards. "Then have a look at your tires and make sure they're worthy of the conditions."

Richards is also reminding motorists to give tow truck drivers the space they need to work on the road. She says that passers-by need to slow down, move over and give tow truck operators the courtesy and space they need to perform their jobs safely.