Cochrane Toyota is among several businesses in the community stepping up to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of today, they will provide toilet paper to those who desperately need it.

Kelley Baum, Cochrane Toyota marketing manager, says they worked with Dan Kroffat to identify a way they could help. Stores have been unable to keep toilet paper on the shelves, so they reached out to their supplier to bring in a load.

"With our ability to have shuttle drivers and drivers around, we figured we could get it to people without them having to leave their homes."

Those in dire need of toilet paper can reach out to Cochrane Toyota at 403-932-9900.

We already have a list going of people that are looking for some. We aren't going to do a Tacoma load or something like that, but it will be just enough to get you by. At the end of the day, it's something small we can do."

It will be provided as long as necessary.

Realizing this is an unprecedented situation, Baum admires the community spirit of Cochrane that has always existed.

"That's the neat thing about being part of Cochrane. Cochrane has always stepped up to the plate anytime there's been any kind of need."

Cochrane Toyota is part of a consortium of businesses and volunteer organizations resident Dan Kroffat is working with to stem fear. The aim is to reduce panic shopping and uncertainty being caused by the pandemic.

"If we can eliminate the fear in the community, I believe that's going to go a long way in stabilizing the situation here.

"I firmly believe if we talk to our neighbours and friends, and give them the ensure that if they run out of things, we're here to help each other. I believe united we will be in a much better frame of mind and a much better state."