Cochrane Track and Field competitor Sophia Nowicki, 17, had an amazing run at the Alberta Summer Games in Leduc.

Although Nowicki ran in a relay race on Friday, it was her Saturday 3000m race that held the importance and the one she was worried about.

"I was really worried going into that race because my coach had the sheet that had all the times listed on it, and so it had everyone I was racing against plus their times and the top three girls were like 10:33, 10:34, and 10:35, and I was the fourth fastest feat going into it. My time was 10:53, which is a huge jump; I am 20 sec slower than the top three girls."

Nowicki knew that if she wanted to be considered as a medal contender she would need to up her time.

"My 10:53 was my fastest race I had ever done so if I wanted a medal I would have to increase my time by 20 seconds which is a lot to increase by. But I went into the race doing that, which was awesome. When I checked in to see my final time it was like 10:32 and the girl who was in front of me got a time of 10:27."

Besides pulling off a second place finish Nowicki also broke the previous Summer Games record of 10:37.

"I was so happy, because it was a second PB so I felt awesome at it, and I am thinking back about the other races I did and it was for sure the best race and the smartest race I had ever run."

This was Nowicki's first time competing at the Alberta Summer Games, and while track is now finished Nowicki will be hitting trails for cross country.

"Cross country is what I like, so I am excited to start because it is really my thing."