The Welcome Wagon recently shut its doors after being there to provide information, gifts, coupons and greetings to newcomers for the past 90 years.

Christine Halmazna, who was with The Welcome Wagon didn't want Cochranites to miss out on all the ways it connected people with local businesses. 

So she decided to start Cochrane Freebies which focuses on local people supporting local businesses.

Halmazna says "When Welcome Wagon closed its doors some of the businesses expressed interest in, if something else started up in the community, that they would be interested in jumping on board."

She says one of the main differences about these boxes is, it's not geared just towards newcomers. 

"It is open to anybody. They just need to be a resident of Cochrane or close surrounding area. They are entitled to have one box, one time per year."

There are already several businesses on board. 

"The businesses are putting in some gift certificates, coupons, free promotional items."

Halmazna says it's really convenient for Cochranites as the boxes will be delivered right to your door.

"I feel like people don't really want you in their homes right now, just with the whole COVID-19 going. So it was just an innovative way to push the local businesses and support local."

The first launch of boxes will be open for requests from Aug. 24 - Sept.6.

Halmazna and her family will deliver the boxes after that.

She says she's received lots of great feedback, encouragement and support from local businesses and people in Cochrane.

There is a cost associated for businesses to be in the box. 

You can find more information about Cochrane Freebies on Facebook or Instagram or by emailing

Cochrane Freebies