Don't have the funds to pay for your hair cut or to haul away that old furniture to the dump? Why not trade for it instead, using some of your own skills and talents.

That's exactly the idea behind a new app launched by a local woman. 

Sam Blair says as a single mom, she hasn't always had the money to pay for the services that she wanted, so she's traded her photography and esthetician skills for other services. 

"The idea came about just over a year ago, I can remember just being like, man, I have traded for these eyelashes, I've traded for my hair, massage, I would really love to trade for my nails, but I don't know anyone. And then I was like, man, I would love to trade something for housecleaning one in awhile, or have someone drop off some baked goods, because I suck at baking."

And that's when Blair started her search. 

"I was like, I wonder if there's anything out there like that. I had seen different posts on Facebook of people trying to look for people to trade with and whatnot, and I looked, and I couldn't find anything with the same kind of idea."

Blair says "COVID hit and my boyfriend, who is working in tech, understands a bit more about this than I do on the execution side, so he actually learned how to code. He basically really helped it to get going." 

HourTraderz launched last week for iOS, and Blair says she's hoping to add an Android version soon. 

"From COVID point to now, we have this working iOS app that is a very basic version of my idea that will hopefully keep growing."

In just the few short days that it's been live, there's been a lot of momentum building. 

"It's pretty exciting that it has grown so much, we literally launched it on Friday and we're going to hit 1000 downloads today."

The variance in the services being traded is huge. 

Blair says "We're seeing anything from can you build Ikea furniture? Can you run errands? Can you bake some banana bread in your kitchen?, Can you babysit for babysitting?"

HourTraderz is similar to some dating apps as far as how it works. The users set their location, and once they spot someone with a skill that they're interested in, they can swipe right to connect with that person, or left to move on.