A Cochrane woman is giving people the chance to camp and enjoy the beautiful backyard we're lucky enough to live in. 

Kim Grattidge Rowe says it started with a Facebook post earlier this summer and it garnered a lot of interest. 

Grattidge Rowe says she has a trailer that doesn't get used very much, so she thought it would be nice for others to be able to enjoy it too. 

"We're lucky enough to have an acreage in the foothills of the rockies, and it's a pretty special place. Not everyone has the chance to go camping or has everything they need to go camping. When you have little kids and you're not sure about it, it can be hard."

"I thought it would be great if in these crazy times we're living in, to just offer it up to families that wanted to come out and try out camping for awhile. Have a little quiet time and get away from the city for a little bit, and just have some time in nature."

Grattidge Rowe says there's been a range of guests who have come out to camp. 

"We've had lots of different families come. Most of them have kids. We've had all the way from little tiny babies, to we had some great young teens who helped me out with my chickens and stuff, because they were interested."

She says she didn't do this for money, she just wanted other people to be able to experience a night or two away. 

"Not doing it for a business, I don't want to make any money. If somebody wants to leave a donation, you know it does cost a bit for the propane, and the water and to dump it. So, we offered it, if people wanted to leave donations, they were welcome to do that."

She says some people did make a donation over the summer, so she decided to donate $300 to the Boys and Girls Club of Cochrane.

"Dropped off a cheque to the Boys & Girls club the other day for an estimate of what I thought I got from the summer."

Grattidge Rowe says she's enjoying seeing the campers unwind and have a good time with their friends and family when they come out. 

"Most of them really loved it. There was a family who came out with a baby, and the baby wasn't too excited about the adventure, but everybody else has had a really positive time. It's a great spot and they just have a chance to relax and get to know each other again a little bit and spend some time in nature."

She says she has people coming out to camp again this weekend and she plans to continue to offer this opportunity for those who are interested.

You can contact her through Facebook or send her an email at KimRowe.cisv@gmail.com.

trailer Kim Grattidge Rowe's trailer (photo courtesy Kim Grattidge Rowe)