“The Spice Girls on a whiskey bender” is a great way to describe the award-winning Alberta Country act, Nice Horse. 

Krista Wodelet, Brandi Sidoryk, Tara McLeod, and Katie Rox are the four ladies who make up the all-female band and we caught up with Katie to talk all things Nice Horse. “We're just a good time man! It's not often that you see all ladies up on stage but we're doing it all ourselves and taking control.” 

Known for their singles such as Mansplainin', Pony up, and Cowgirl, Nice Horse has been performing since 2016 and has shared the stage with the likes of Tom Cochrane, Gord Bamford, and Cochrane’s own Paul Brandt.

Katie says that even though they are not currently playing live music to thousands of fans, they are staying just as busy. “I cannot believe how we've managed to keep ourselves so busy, it's just changing our roles really. You know, we're used to being on the road and playing live and now it's finding the ways to do that at home and edit the videos ourselves and we've all had to learn some new skills to keep it going.”

“It's been a big year for learning all that stuff but yeah we still wanted to keep busy! We love playing music together. It's like we're just doing it a different way because it's the only way we can.”

The 10th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards (CMAB) are streaming live on February 28, 2021. Nice Horse is not only up for several awards, like Horizon Group or Duo of the Year, but will also be performing during the show. “I'm so excited. It does feel really good!" Katie says  "Obviously, 2020 was a tough year for everybody and so the fact that we were able to come out of it, you know, that we all made it through the year, all of the musicians and so we're very, very happy to be a part of it.”

To go with streaming shows and winning awards, Nice Horse has also been busy releasing new music, including their new single called “High School”. “I love that song, you know, it's a song that gives you that nostalgic feeling about what it was like to be in high school. Imagining what your life was going to be like, and life doesn't always turn out the way that you thought but at the same time, that doesn't mean it's bad. In the same way that you know looking back at high school, it's always full of highs and lows for people and it's one of those things you got through it.” 

“You're glad you don't have to go back but you're glad you lived through it, and here you are today.”

Check out an acoustic performance of Nice Horse’s new single below, and you can always call in and request a Nice Horse song on 91.5 FM CochraneNow.