CochraneNow's tour of Stampede Breakfasts continued this morning in the parking lot of Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie's office.

Attendees were given complimentary pancakes, sausages, coffee and freezies. There was also a raffle draw.

Of course I was in attendance to give to official CochraneNow review.

I've eaten a lot of pancakes over the past ten days, and I've got to say what an experience it was attending MLA Guthrie's pancake breakfast, Cowboy hats were everywhere and in addition to the shaded seating it seemed like I was attending a spirited meeting of the Alberta Legislative assembly.

The event was attended by MLA Guthrie, Mayor Jeff Genung, Minister of Transportation Prasad Panda, and Cochrane's reigning Rodeo Queen Breanna Correia. As you can see the breakfast was a real who's who of Cochrane and area public figures, which of course perfectly explains why I was there.

Onto the breakfast, the pancakes were divine, they were nice and fluffy, giving a good amount of substance to the flapjacks. It could be said that the cooks were not very conservative when adding the flour to the mixture.

The sausages once again were patties, changing back from the sausage links that I've been having for the past two breakfast. it was a welcome return to the patty, I find that patties absorb the syrup better than the links do.

Lastly the syrup was given out was an excellent addition to the overall breakfast. The organizers were liberal dishing out individual mini tubs allowing the eater to choose exactly how much syrup they wanted. That in itself helps to make sure that the pancake-to-syrup mixture is perfect, which it was.

Final Rating: 5/5 Belt Buckles.

-Connor the Intern