The Alberta Living Wage Network has released the updated living wage numbers for 2022.  

With soaring inflation in the post-pandemic world, the goal of the report “is not to add further stress to business, but rather to shed light on the reality of the cost of living in cities and towns across Alberta.” 

Last year in its initial report, Cochrane was number three on the list for being a costly place to live. 

This year we have moved to 4th place in Alberta and the hourly wage dropped by 25 cents to $22.35 from $22.60 in 2021.   

The bottom line, Cochranites need to make $22.35 an hour to live comfortably in Cochrane.  

Considering that the minimum wage is $15.00 an hour, that is a difference of $7.60 an hour.  

In 2022, the Living Wage Network adjusted its calculations to be more inclusive and reflect the reality of life in Alberta. Income was based on:  

1. a two-parent family with two children  

2. a lone-parent family with one child  

3. a single individual living alone 

The calculations are based on the adult(s) working full time with expenditures such as healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, childcare, other household costs, and tuition. 

For more information on the 2022 living wage numbers click HERE.  

2022                                                                  2021

Canmore: $32.75                                             Canmore: $37.40  

Fort McMurray: $22.50                                     Fort McMurray: $27.35  

Calgary: $22.40                                                Cochrane: $22.60 

St. Albert: $22.40                                              Drumheller: $19.70 

Cochrane: $22.35                                            Lethbridge $19.00