Singer/songwriter Justine Vandergrift has been on the music scene for years and can be found on the Cochrane Food Fest stage this Saturday.

“I'm all about connecting with people and singing music that's real to me and hoping that it hits home for other people.”

“I’ve lived in Alberta most of my life, I’m from Lacombe but now I live in Cochrane right here.” 

Justine has been showcasing her music since 2011 and has played for crowds all over the world including Europe. After taking a break during the pandemic, she has hit the ground running. 

“We really got back into it this summer. It's been a grind but a good grind. It's really fun. It's great to be back out there, remembering why we do what we do and it feels so good to connect with audiences”

While performing throughout the summer, she has also been hard at work developing new music. Her yet-to-be-titled new album will also feature a more country sound.

“I've always loved the old-school country. I love roots country. I love bluegrass. I love traditional instruments. With this new album, we went in that direction.”

“There is a lot of pedal steel and slidey sounds and I would say it's still a rootsy country album. In country, there are just endless opportunities in Calgary.”

91.5 FM CochraneNow got to showcase her brand new track ‘Lucky’ prior to her performing it live for all of Cochrane during Food Fest.

“I wrote it about my partner because sometimes I kind of look at myself and think, like man, I got lucky with him. So that's what the song is about.”

Check out the video below to see the full in-studio performance and you can keep up with Justine and all her new music here.