Norma Burt is celebrating her 100th birthday today. 

The Bethany Care resident has been celebrating for the last several days as her family has planned window visits, Zoom calls, Face Time calls and other virtual celebrations for what the family calls the "12 days of Norma". 

Burt says "I'm just overwhelmed. I've got so many flowers and cards and everything that it's just beautiful and I feel good, so that's the main thing."

The Cochrane resident has lived in the Calgary area for most of her life.

"When I grew up I married a fellow in the Air Force, and he was stationed in Calgary. I was teaching school at the time in Saskatchewan, so when I married him I moved up to Calgary and I've been there ever since and that's where my four kids were born."

Burt has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, who live in Cochrane. 

The centenarian and her husband owned Burt's store on 50th Ave and Elbow Drive in Calgary.

It was a general store that carried on its name until it was torn down in 2013. 

When asked what helped contribute to her health and longevity. Burt says she's always kept busy and active with square dancing, singing and playing the piano, which she continues to do today. 

"I can play just about the same as I used to. I played the piano quite a bit in my day."

Burt has lived through the Second Word War, the Great Depression and now a global pandemic. When asked what advice she has for people who are struggling during these COVID-19 times, she says "Just be yourself and be kind, and be considerate, and think the best of other people. Just be loving."

Burt says living a long and healthy life is thanks in part to the people who she's spent her time with. 

"I've been fairly healthy all of my life. I've had the odd disease, naturally, but I haven't had any operations. I've had lots of fun. I've had lots of good friends, and my family is just super. I can't think of anyway that I could be any different. I've grown up with good people all around me."

You can listen to Norma's full interview below.