According to the statistics on, Cochrane/Springbank has one more active case. The total number is now 21 with 18 recovered and three active. 

Overall, in here update on Monday, Dr Deena Hinshaw is encouraged by the case numbers ten days after the relaunch. 

"This should be taken by Albertans as a really excellent sign and a sign of what we can accomplish together when we continue to follow public health measures," Hinshaw says, pointing out that the incubation period for COVID-19 can be up to 14 days and therefore it will still take some time for the full impact of the relaunch to be seen.

Moving forward, Stage Two of the relaunch has a tentative date of June 19 and Dr. Hinshaw says they will continue to monitor the situation in the coming weeks to see if the date can be changed. 

"The most important thing in our relaunch is that it is data driven, so we'll continue to watch the numbers and we may be able to consider alternate dates if our numbers remain good," Hinshaw says. "But again, that's really up to all of us together to keep those numbers low, and so I would encourage Albertans to see this as an encouraging sign to continue following public health measures."