The Town of Cochrane wants residents to spread all of the good and the positivity that is happening in our community.

They want you to tag stories at #CochraneTogether of the good things Cochranites are doing right now during this COVID-19 crisis. 

You can tag stories, photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Mayor Jeff Genung says they're trying to shift the mood a bit rather then just focusing on the difficult times.

"We wanted to launch a campaign to show our support for each other and for our community. #CochraneTogether will show others that you're helping as a neighbour or a local business or what you're doing yourself to get through this difficult time that we're all in."

Many neighbourhoods have been participating in scavenger hunts or drawing pictures to put up in windows for children to count while they're out for a walk. 

"I've been seeing great things around the community already. Obviously we're in a difficult time and the news and everything around us is bombarding us with this negativity which is reality but there's also so much good happening in our community and Cochrane is rising up and we just wanted a way to celebrate that."

Genung has been doing his own video messages and spreading those around on social media. 

He's gone to a couple of local businesses and highlighted some of the positive things they're doing and they're seeing.

"It's just going around celebrating businesses and neighbours and people that are doing really awesome things in our community. In these times I think that it's important that we have community connectivity more than ever and this is just one other small way that I thought I could do that for our community."

Genung says he is hopeful that we'll start seeing some Federal and Provincial financial aid programs starting to kick in to help people gain a better footing.

"Financial uncertainty has gripped our community and our world really and if we can find some form of getting through that together and then focusing on our health I think we'll be better on the other side and we'll get through this together."