Cochrane’s own Shannon Birkmann didn’t just break a Guinness World record over the weekend, she annihilated it.

She is now the proud owner of the world record for the longest barefoot Lego walk, trekking over 14 kilometres on the bricks.

“My goal was to do 10 kilometres because the previous record was 8.8,” says Birkmann. “I hit 10 kilometres and actually didn’t want to stop. Like, let's just see how far I can go!”

“At about 13 kilometres, I did start to feel it on the feet, but I thought in my head, 13 is unlucky so I made it to 14.09 kilometres.”

A small track of Lego bricks was set up at the Brick Fest Live event in Calgary, and she did over 500 laps to break the record.

“Doing it in a crowd, you have the energy of the people, so that helped. The kids were so cute. I had this little girl, she must have been four, walking beside me.”

“I do want to apologize to all the parents whose kids are now trying this at home. I am sorry.”

Other than a few small cuts and scrapes, Birkmann’s feet were relatively unscathed.

legoCochraneNow's Eric Ruttle and Lauren Meister posing with world record holder Shannon Birkmann.

She plans on going on a barefoot hike later this week.