If it wasn't clear before much Cochranites appreciation the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, it certainly is now.

In a little over a week, some Cochrane-Proud volunteers have inspired residents to donate a wealth of empties to raise funds for the local branch. 

Yesterday afternoon (Sept. 16) the bottle depot kindly came to pick up the bottles that filled the garage of Singh Palwinder (Paul), just one of the volunteers. Otherwise it would have been six or seven pickup truck loads.

"This is the second load," explains Palwinder. We already have delivered quite a few that brought in over $670. It's a bigger load, so I asked the bottle depot to help out."

Palwinder believes in Cochrane's strong community spirit.

"I won't say it's my initiative. It's a community initiative and the community as a whole helped, which is great to see. I express gratitude and thanks to all those who contributed."

"This is why I love Cochrane. You have that feel to come forward and help. They didn't know me before, I didn't know them before. Now I know them, they know me. That's how the community works, you step forward to help each other."

Palwinder says he knows a few more people will be dropping by bottles over the next couple of days. He says they won't turn away any and he can continue to be reached through his Facebook page.