Next time you stop for a "Double-Double," you'll also get a four-pack of masks with your coffee.

The Province says Tim Horton's, McDonald's and A&W Restaurants in Alberta have partnered with the Government to hand out non-medical masks, at no cost, to people going through drive-thru's.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says all three restaurant chains are picking up some of the costs of distribution.

"These partners, McDonald's Canada, A&W and Tim Horton's have picked up the masks from our warehouse when they arrived into the province. They've helped us with the distribution, using their own distribution channels. Their employees have assisted us with the proper cleaning procedures in packaging the masks for us as well."

Shandro, says it's a short term solution to make sure most of us have access to a least a few masks.

We are encouraging people to source their own masks on an ongoing basis. Government is not going to be able to give every Albertan unlimited masks on an ongoing basis. But, we do want to be able to start people off with some. Our message to Albertans is we want to step up and be the first jurisdiction that does this for folks."

Shandro says the Government is still working out the details of getting masks to people who can't access a drive-thru.

Written by Russell Skeet