A grassroots initiative has been launched by local residents to raise funds for the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Believing those bottles cluttering your garbage or yard can go a long way in helping the Legion branch in a challenging time, they've reached out to residents to contribute their empties.

The drive began Sept. 10 and continues until Sept. 17. All funds raised will be given to the Legion.

Singh Palwinder (Paul) says it was quickly organized when they heard the Legion branch has been struggling financial through the pandemic.

"The Legion is an important part of our community," says Palwinder. "They support our residents and veterans, who played a crucial role in defending our nation. So we came up with the idea of a bottle drive." 

Kelsey Yochim has also stepped forward to help.

"I think the Legion is a Canadian institution so I think if we can help it's a good thing," she says.

The pair got an immediate response and already many residents have provided their bottles.

If you wish to add yours, you can message Singh Palwinder or Kelsey Yochim through Facebook. A pickup will then be arranged.