Graduation is a landmark of students that is celebrated by families, and, really, the entire community.

With that in mind, the Bow Valley High School graduation committee is inviting the entire community to join them for a YouTube Live graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020.

The ceremony is being aired on Monday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m. You can view it here.

The ceremony will recognize over150 graduates.

Teacher Tara Sly says it has been a challenging year but coming together to celebrate the Class of 2020 is important.

"Relations are a key foundation at Bow Valley High School. So, even though we won't be able to be together in person, in putting this together, and watching this together, we'll be together in spirit and heart."

There was a lineup of people who wanted to participate.

"We had such a generous and lovely outpouring of people who wanted to be involved, speak to students, and celebrate them," she says.

In advance, graduates dropped by the school one final time to pick up packages for the ceremony. It included their mortarboard with tassel, gown, lawn sign, and a custom-made Bobcats mask that will be a conversation piece for over the years. 

The lawn sign was specially designed by  Heather Holliday, and includes the school's redesigned logo and guiding principle "BVHS CARES."

It stands for "Connects Authentically, Responsively Entirely Supportively."

"We rolled that out at the start of the year and certain that is part of the strength in which we as a staff and really the student body, parents, and learning community have shown so amazingly and reflected that into the world," explains Sly. "It's been really powerful."

Monday's grad follows a successful parent-driven outdoor event last weekend.

The school will also be releasing farewell tribute videos for their YouTube channel for Grant Hoe, who is off to Bert Church High School next year, and Mrs. Terri Marchand, who is retiring after 36 years of teaching. On that same site, you can view the Blue and Gold celebration held on June 24 to recognize the achievements of Bow Valley students.