Yoga classes can be hard on the wallet, intimidating for beginners, and difficult to attend for those with a busy routine.

That's why Cochrane Health & Fitness Club is looking to give back to Cochrane by offering free outdoor yoga classes every Sunday throughout the summer.

Yoga can increase flexibility, increase muscle strength, and lower blood pressure. Christine Showell, General Manager, Cochrane Health & Fitness Club, says it's about showing locals that fitness can be relaxing.

"We really wanted to get involved in a community aspect in that sense, just offering it to anybody that wanted to join," she says. "Our yoga is more of a really good stretch, its not a super hard workout. It's kind of like, you've worked really hard, mentally physically, you've got your kids, you've got your work, take this one hour for yourself."

Showell explains being outdoors can be a more relaxing alternative to yoga in a studio, and a different setting can be a nice change for regular yogis.

The outdoor class is all inclusive, anyone can join without registration.

"It's a low impact workout, I love that any age can do it, we have older people, younger people, pregnant women, people with hip or knee problems. There's always modifications to our moves, I like that it's very inclusive."

CHFC is hoping Cochranites will take advantage of the summer weather, and join them for the weekly class at the Mitford Park stage.

"We wanted to do something for the community really, and just be a part of something that was outside, there's no stress to it."

Classes run from 9 am to 10 am every Sunday through July and August.