The town is recruiting participants for a pilot project to examine the possibility of a introducing a compost program for local restaurants and businesses.

Last night, town council agreed to examine the possibility of introducing the program but will await a report from town administration before reaching a decision. 

The question was raised in a notice of motion by Susan Flowers, who believes a program should be introduced to further reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills. She says the town has a collection program in place for Cochrane households for several years. When implemented it was understood restaurants and businesses would eventually be added.

"I spoke to a restaurant owner who is very much in favour of this being added in the community," says Flowers. "He actually tried taking the composting home from his restaurant and putting it in his residential bin, but he said it was just too much and he couldn't continue that practice. So, imagine with the number of restaurants and businesses in Cochrane just how much is going into the dump day after day."

While supporting the intent of the program, Councillor Tara McFadden said she had already heard from a few restauranters who were concerned it would be introduced without much notice.

Drew Hyndman, town executive director of development and infrastructure, assured that won't be the case. The pilot will help inform a report being prepared by administration for council's consideration.

"This is the first step in that process to get that information. We want this to be, from a logistics perspective, efficient, cost-effective. We want to have answers to the questions before we're asking council to make a final decision on it."

The report will be provided to council no later than Jan. 31.