Helicopters will buzz over Cochrane today again around 8 a.m. as the fight against the Devil Head's wildlife continues.

The fire showed minimal activity yesterday with cooler than forecasted weather and more boots on the ground, according to an update from MD of Bighorn.

Yesterday, crews continued to extinguish hot spots on the east perimeter, supported by helicopters dropping bucketloads of retardant.

Dozers continued establishing a guard along priority areas.

The size of the assault on the fire has grown to 122 firefighters on the ground, 12 helicopters, one airtanker and 18 pieces of heavy equipment. That's 18 more firefighters, four more helicopters and two more pieces of heavy equipment than the day previous.

Cooler weather and increased resources will again aid the battle today, but for now its status remains out of control, and is travelling in a southeasterly direction.

The MD of Bighorn remains in a state of emergency and advises residents of  Richard's Road, Hwy. 40, Summer Village of Waiparous, Benchlands, Richard's and Pears Road, Ghost Country Place, and West Jamieson Road to still remain prepared for evacuation if that becomes necessary.