Corb Lund has a brand new album and the tour to promote it began in the spring but was cut short because of COVID-19. 

Lund gave 91.5 CochraneNow a shout to talk about the new album that comes out tomorrow.

"Friday, the new record comes out. It's called Agricultural Tragic. People ask me what the name means and I tell them it's my own personal sub-genre I had to invent because we didn't really fit into the other ones."

Lund says this is his ninth or tenth album. 

"I went through a bit of a songwriting slump for a few years and I was drifting, trying to figure out what to write about but then I got a second wind and me and the guys put a ton of work into this one I and I think it's the best record in many years."

They had planned to release the album earlier but Lund says "We were going to release it in April but everything went sideways and no one really knew what was going on so we thought it would be best to wait a few months."

They started touring down in the United States but that quickly changed.  

"COVID affected our touring schedule because normally I'd be touring by butt off to promote it right now. We started a three or four month tour in March. We started in Texas and were going to make our way up into Canada and go across Canada and do months and months of touring. We got about a week into it, we did a couple of Texas shows, New Mexico, a couple Colorado shows and then they told us the whole thing was off so we had to drive home from Denver."

Lund says he's been keeping busy on his ranch by playing guitar, fixing fences and attempting amateur carpentry. 

"I think a lot of people in lots of walks of life are finding their lives are out of control, it's kind of a reminder that the pace of life these days is nuts. Everybody has to be totally reachable all the time on text these days, it's craziness."

Corb Lund has received multiple CCMA, Juno and international award nominations and wins.

Lund says he's excited about the album and this song in particular, I think you oughta try whiskey (I think you oughta try gin).

Agricultural Tragic debuts tomorrow. You can find more information about Corb Lund here.

Unfortunately because of COVID-19 all upcoming tour dates have been cancelled so Lund doesn't know yet when he can start touring again. 


Corb Lund