Cochranites have been treated to a mild November, with temperatures on the plus side over the last week.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Heather Pimiskern says that normal temperatures for this time of year in Cochrane are about zero.

As we turn the page on the month of November, temperatures in Cochrane are forecasted to stay above the freezing mark.

So, how long can we expect these above seasonal temperatures to last? Well, Pimiskern says that the next couple of weeks are looking promising.

"In looking at our longer-range forecast there's a probability of seeing temperatures above normal over the next two weeks," says Pimiskern. "The potential is there that we will see temperatures above normal." 

Those "above normal" temperatures are expected to be between 4 and 9 degrees this week, and there's not much anticipated in the way of snow either.

So, could Cochranites be celebrating a warm, green Christmas this year?

Well, Pimiskern says that we can expect winter to set in closer to Christmas.

"Looking further into the future, maybe closer to Christmas or even just after there is a potential for the pattern that we've been experiencing to break down and for winter to really set in over Alberta," says Pimiskern.

Pimiskern says that as those temperatures drop well below the freezing mark, there's an increased likelihood of having snow along with it, however, we're not completely ruling out a green Christmas at this time.

Although temperatures will be mild for the last weekend in November, Pimiskern says that it's going to get incredibly windy in Cochrane this evening.

"We are anticipating that the wind will increase this evening from the west with gusts close to 80 near midnight," says Pimiskern. Then wind should diminish overnight into Saturday."