Town council candidate Alex Reed believes experience counts.

He says Cochrane is continuing to pass through the threshold of an exciting future, one where experience is both necessary and makes a big difference. 

"I have decided to run again for town council because there is still a lot of things we have yet to accomplish, including my priorities of transportation, recreation and parks, and efficient and effective municipal government.  

"What Cochrane really needs right now is leaders with experience and continuity at the town council table."

Reed has resided in Cochrane for over 10 years. While on council, he represented the town on the board overseeing the Spray Lakes Family Sports Centre and served on the town's recreation and parks committee. Previous to being elected, he was chair of the Cochrane Planning Commission.

He came to Cochrane with nine years of experience on a town council in a different jurisdiction. As a semi-tired university vice-president, he currently leads an $11 million nonprofit that supports special needs children and their families.

"Literally, I can walk the talk. I know there are some of my competitors who talk it, but I don't know if they have actually walked it."

He says he views himself as an average Cochrane citizen, isn't running for any personal or professional gain, and certainly not for photo ops, reputation, ego, or to be a career politician.

He says besides bringing experience and skills to the table, he cares deeply about the future of our community for his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

He says no one has been left untouched by the financial challenges of the economic downturn and pandemic. That includes the municipality.

"You've got to be very careful about the kind of decisions we make, and the dollars that we spend moving forward. Fiscal responsibility has been a hallmark of mine in terms of the last four years on town council, and I would say managing a nonprofit has helped me to recognize what it means in tough times for communities like ours."

He says it's important to support, assist and attract new businesses. He believes that includes keeping taxes low and continuing to cut red tape to maximize the effective and efficient use of tax dollars.

Issues he's been fighting for since being elected are localized ambulance service, 24/7 urgent care, and supporting local businesses.

Reed says he is self-financing his campaign and won't be accepting any donations because he doesn't want to be in anyone else’s pocket.