Cochrane Councillors will be deliberating the budget on Friday, November 25.

Budget deliberations provide an opportunity for residents to really sink their teeth into present and future financials.

Paige Milner, Town of Cochrane, Senior Manager, Corporate Services says budget deliberations can give community members lots of insight.

"It is a really interesting conversation to see council go through the entire budget and learn more about what it actually costs to run the town of Cochrane and even more long term, what's the vision, where are going, what sort of big capital works are coming down in the next ten years or so. You learn a lot more about your community and how your tax dollars are spent."

Milner says while some people may have certain perceptions of how money is spent, deliberations provides the opportunity to learn the background and reasoning for the cost.

"I  think the best example is the aquatic and curling facility where a lot of people believe their taxes are going up this year as a result of that facility, and the 2017 draft budget actually has no increase in taxes related to that facility."

Milner says while deliberations are open to the public, they are not usually highly attended.

"Normally people tend to contact their councillors directly especially if they have something specific they are concerned with or a few do come meet with me individually."

Budget deliberations kick off at 8:30 am in council chambers. First on the docket is funding of the aquatic/curling facility.


Draft Budget Revealed