It comes down to a choice between two applicants as to whom gets to lease the Cochrane Ranche Clubhouse.

On Sept. 18, Stacey Loe, town executive director of Protective and Community Services, provided packages of information on the submissions of BGC Cochrane & Area and The Society of Curious Minds Cochrane for use of the oft-empty building.

Before that, the location had received key interest from other organizations, including the Cochrane Public Library, which made a robust presentation to council on May 1. BCG Cochrane and Area made a presentation on June 19.

Council will receive an evaluation matrix from town administration to review in advance of making its decision on Sept. 25. 

Loe believed that evaluations in advance will assist council in their decision.

"This is a bit of a unique situation where it's not clearly price-driven or timeline-driven as it would be with any other sort of capital project, but there's definitely some evaluation that needs to happen," she said.

The idea of exploring ways to better utilize the space of the building was initially brought forward by Community Services director Mitchell Hamm in February. 

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