For one week, the Pride Flag flew at the Cochrane RancheHouse, and was then lowered.

Town councillor Marni Fedeyko has launched an informal survey on whether residents support keeping the Pride Flag flying at the Cochrane RancheHouse more than one week a year.

The survey simply states, "Should we keep our Inclusion Flag up year round?" Those responding can answer, yes, no or other. There's room next to other to explain further.

About 200 people have responded so far, and about 60 per cent are in favour of putting the flag up.

Fedeyko is hoping to receive 1,000 response from local residents, no matter what opinion they hold.

Should it favour of having the flag returned, she'll bring the matter forward for discussion at a town council meeting.

Fedeyko says she was disappointed to see the flag lowered, especially since the flag pole it was on remains empty.

"To take it down and not have anything, I think is like saying, 'Yeah,  we celebrated it once, we're good."

It's part of her belief in building an inclusive community.  She believes we were taking a step forwards but is afraid momentum may be lost.

"What better way to educate people, than talking about it, rather than just taking everything down and then almost hurting a community that's really tried hard to bring something far forward and have that messaging. I feel like we're backing down a little bit."

She says it's likely most people wouldn't even notice the flag is there, but that it's extremely important to the LGBTQ+ community as a symbol of Cochrane being an inclusive municipality.

"If there was something else that was going up, or another group or groups coming forward, then let's deal with it. But if we don't have any formal requests to put up another group's flag, then I don't understand why were taking their flag down to just not having anything."

Fedeyko has given a notice of motion for town council to consider developing an inclusion bylaw to make it clear that people of all walks of life are whole-heartedly welcomed in the community.

That discussion will likely occur at town council's first meeting of the fall on Sept. 14.

Those wanting to participate in the survey can go here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find this link to be broken, go to the Facebook page Councillor Marni Fedeyko.