An open house coffee date is being hosted by Cochrane Council.

In an attempt to evoke conversation with area residents, a 'Coffee House Meeting with Council' is occurring on June 17.

Councillor Mary Lou Eckmeier says she really wants to bring people together and have open dialogue.

"I want to keep it casual, there's no agenda, there's no questions, there's no preset presentations, there's no panel, and of course council can't vote, make decisions or debate on anything. It just gives us a chance to meet and greet, the public can ask questions, give their opinion on things, give their ideas about the town."

Although Eckmeier hosted coffee dates in the past, she is ready to try again.

"When I first got elected I did my own coffee with a Councillor, I had scheduled dates but it was very small turnouts. I just thought we should kick start it again and have one every quarter."

Eckmeier is hopeful the open coffee dates will help with public engagement.

"I personally feel our public engagement is very structured and so I want this to be unstructured. Really, truly just more of a brainstorming session."

If the event is successful Eckmeier would like to host another one before Thanksgiving, in the New Year, and next spring.

"That way this one and the fall one come up before budget and then January and the spring come up before the next election."

Four Councillors have confirmed their attendance including Eckmeier, Watson, McFadden, and Nagel.

You can join the Councillors from 6-9 pm on the 17th, at Frank Wills Memorial Hall.