The far reaching ripple effects of COVID 19 on all aspects of our lives is really quite intriguing. It is even affecting the operation of our vehicles. Province wide there's been a marked increase in calls to boost vehicles. Jackie Richards with Big Hill Towing in Cochrane says they've seen it too. Saying, "When I tracked our numbers from April 1 to May 7, we've seen a 39% increase over last year in the number of boosts we have performed for people."

The common theory is that cars have been sitting too long over the course of the pandemic and that batteries are losing their charge and not being driven enough to recharge.

Interestingly, Randy Pace, also with Big Hill Towing and Jackie's husband has a different theory. He is suggesting that perhaps people are distracted (by the COVID world) and have so much on their minds that they are perhaps forgetting to turn things off in their vehicles. Such things as interior lights and leaving rear gates open. 

Whatever the theory we know somehow, COVID 19 is responsible.