The COVID19 numbers appear to be on the rise in the tally for Friday, March 19.

There were 696 new cases identified in the past 24 hours. That is the most since mid-January.

Hospitalizations increased by 12 to 276 and ICU patients increased by five for a total of 48.

There were 129 new cases of the UK variant, and one case of the South African variant identified.

Cochrane added three new cases for a total of 25 while RVC added 6 for a total of 51.

Nakoda Emergency Management is reporting six new active cases for a total of 11.

Thankfully, there was one number that did not increase, there were no new deaths reported.

To date, 439,069 Albertans have received a dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.

Monday, March 22 is the possible date for a decision on moving to Step Three of the Path Forward.


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