Dr Deena Hinshaw provided a COVID 19 numbers update for Monday, May 25. 

  • 5979 have recovered 
  • 762 active cases in the province
  • 45 people in hospital with 5 in ICU
  • 3010 tests performed in the past 24 hours 
  • 19 new cases 
  • 3 deaths bringing the total in the province to 138

Dr Hinshaw says the deaths are a reminder of a worst case scenario of this virus and why must continue to take it seriously.  

Alberta's top doctor spoke to the subject of personal protective equipment saying it is an important way to protect those at risk of exposure. PPE includes masks, gloves, and gowns.The government will continue to meet the supply needs to hospitals and first responders and also some non profits businesses. Moving forward with the relaunch, the need for PPE will continue to be important and the government is keeping key groups as a priority while changing the distribution process. Going forward, government will continue to prioritize those at highest risk and ensure publicly funded and contracted settings will have PPE at no extra cost. AHS and Covenant healthcare workers, first responders and those working in homeless shelters and publicly funded or contracted senior care facilities.

Private organizations can still access PPE from the government for a fair market price until June 30. After that point, they will need to find another supplier. 

Dr Hinshaw stressed that there is no shortage of PPE however, it is important to have a long term plan which will remain flexible. 

There is still a plan to distribute non-medical masks to the public and that will be addressed soon.