Nothing has been the same since COVID-19 barged into our lives. 

We couldn't get together with family and friends at Easter.

Big summer vacations, concerts and festivals all came to a screeching halt.

And, Thanksgiving will look similar to Easter with just small family and cohort gatherings. 

But, Halloween 2020 is going to be great for three reasons!


- Halloween is on a Saturday! You don't need to worry about how late your kids stayed up trick-or-treating, or how much candy they ate before bed on a school night. Adult parties will look different, but you can actually celebrate with friends on Halloween, and not worry about looking silly all dressed up a few days before or after Halloween. 

-The time will change. Daylight Saving Time ends. We will go back one hour, which means we will have an extra hour to celebrate Halloween!

-There's going to be a full moon! How amazing is that?! A full moon on Halloween doesn't happen very often.


Cheers to Halloween 2020 and making it one to remember!