It's crunch time for the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CRMB) to complete its region plan.

There are only 30 days and three meetings left before the plan is supposed to be in the hands of Alberta government officials.

Mayor Jeff Genung is vice-chair of the board and the last few months have seen a steady stream of meetings conducted to dot the i's and cross the ts by Feb. 28.

Much of today's meeting will be spent providing feedback on several sections of the plan that will govern development in Cochrane and the entire Calgary region.

It also includes a report on their second phase of their public engagement that wrapped up on Nov. 27.

Genung says it has been a long road involving difficult conversations. 

"Really, what I think the plan is trying to capture is the differences between a rural municipality and an urban municipality. The definition of that is really what we're trying to achieve within the plan.  Now that sounds easy but that's a really complex puzzle to solve."

With the deadline looming, he believes these conversations are coming to the surface and some headway is being made. The question is, will they make the deadline, and at what cost?

The plan would have to pass by a minimum of a 7-3 vote. If that doesn't seem possible, Genung says some sections of the plan may have to be whittled down, something he views as a mistake.

"It's been a hard few months of lots of meetings, lots of data, lots of preparing for 85 or 135-page agendas every few days. It's been a lot of work."

But he believes it has been time well spent.

"This is a plan we're going to have to work with for years, and it will affect how we grow and how we live in Cochrane and within the region, so we feel it's very important we get it right and have our voice heard while it's being formulated."