Alberta born and raised brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel have just released a new song called I Grew up on That 

Curtis Rempel says "There's a line in the song that says Ricky Skaggs on the vinyl King James on the Bible, that line alone really summarizes our childhood and the way we grew up listening to, you know, a lot of Ricky Skaggs and going to church and learning to play music in church, you know, and just rippin' up the fields in my dads old pickup truck."

They just finished shooting the video which features a lot of childhood photos from the country duo growing up in northern Alberta. 

Rempel like everyone else is at home right now with his family during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He lives in Tennessee. 

"Yeah home like crazy. So doing a lot of around the house jobs that, you know, I've been putting off for way too long now I finally have time to clean the garage clean the cars, build shelves in the shed and take care of all our storage and stuff. But I like to get creative too, I love leather craft and woodworking so I'm building things and making stuff."

Rempel says his brother Brad is busy right now writing music. 

He says they usually perform in Canada at least twice a month and they plan to make it up north of the border again as soon as they can. 

"I mean as soon as the world says it's safe, we'll be there. It's tricky because we don't have summer plans right now because we did and and all the plans got cancelled. For the first time in my life, I have no summer plans, it's insane."

Rempel has been to Cochrane many times before, High Valley performed at the Canada Day celebrations at Mitford Park a few years ago. 

"I've have had many donairs at Donair on the Run, I love that place and I've even been to the eye doctor right next to Donair on the Run because my retina was bleeding one time after a boxing match. I've also had ice cream at MacKays. I've been in line for hours there many times and our good friend Paul (Brandt) is in Cochrane as well so we've been to his farm there and recorded some music there as well."