The need to continue to build strong communities doesn't end in the pandemic.

But for many it is a time of self-reflection. 

David Irvine, renown speaker, author and leadership advisor, will host a session on sustaining community in an age of isolation here in Cochrane on Tuesday Sept. 29.

His thought-provoking session aims to provide inspiring and practical insights and strategies to use during this time of uncertainty to strengthen our community by embracing civic involvement.

The session is being held at 7 p.m. in the basement of FCSS, 209 2nd Ave. W,. and there is limited seating available. It's also being streamed concurrently on Facebook Live so many more can join in on the discussion.

"How is the overall well-being of our lives, and how are we building a community right now in the midst of all of this? Because, it's easy to isolate, and to withdraw," says Irvine. "What I'm going to be addressing is the psychological side of all of this, and the mental well-being of our community, and how we build a community in the midst of a pandemic."

He says what makes strong healthy individuals is a strong community.

"So the first thing  I'm going to have people look at is how is your own mental well-being right now, and how are you dealing with the current pandemic? How are you doing in terms of reaching out for support? How are you doing with just dealing with the emotional side of this past six months?"

Irvine, himself, has had to adapt his business practices from a typical in-person environment to one online.

"I had to re-examine this, and turn it all upside down. So, that was my own personal process of coming to grips with living my purpose in my community and making a contribution. I'm going to give people some reflection around how we each can look at our own purpose."

Irvine is a long-time Cochrane area resident and his work regularly takes him across the continent. He's donating his time for this session, something Town Councillor Susan Flowers appreciates.

"He's so well known, and such a great author and leader, and has such great things to share," says Flowers. "So, we're really happy that he's going to donate his time to help us out."

This is the second in a series of sessions being presented by the Cochrane Social Reocvery Task Force to help residents deal with the challenges of the pandemic.

You can find out more on the event here.