Details on the Canada-Alberta Livestock Feed Assistance Initiative are still being finalized but are expected to be released shortly.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan announced their program details earlier this week. 

The Province had announced earlier that the initiative would provide an initial payment of $94 per head for eligible feed and water access costs for breeding females based on inventory as of August 6, 2021.

The program also accounts for other livestock as well.

According to the government website, the following animal conversion rates will be used to adjust the initial and secondary payments relative to beef cows, as follows:

  • Horses 1.2
  • Cows/Bison 1.0
  • Elk/Yak/Musk Ox 0.5
  • Deer/Llamas 0.25
  • Sheep/Goats/Alpacas 0.2

Application forms are expected to be released shortly and will be available online through AFSC Connect.

Producers who are current AFSC clients should ensure they have an AFSC Connect account and are signed up for direct deposit to receive program payments.

Those producers who are not currently AFSC clients will need to sign up for an AFSC Connect account.

Producers are also being reminded to make sure they have an inventory of the breeding females they had on hand as of August 6, 2021, and keep records of any extraordinary expenses incurred to feed livestock up to December 31, 2021.