January is National Hobby Month and it seems that thanks to the pandemic more people than ever are taking up a new or old hobby.

Back before Christmas, 91.5 Cochrane Now was happy to volunteer for the Christmas Hamper program put on by the Cochrane Activettes.

While we were filling hampers, I saw that there were handmade scarves, touques and mitts donated. I thought to myself hey, that's something I could maybe do!

So I went home rummaged to the back of my spare room closet and found my knitting needles.

While I have knitted before, it's always about relearning as I take long breaks in between projects.

I think I did an afghan once which took about four years. My family truly celebrated when it was completed.

So, I'm hoping that I will be able to complete the scarf and add a matching touque before Christmas next year! Lots of time, I've got eleven months!

Have you rediscovered an old hobby or found a new one?

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We would love to hear about your projects. :)