It's no secret that the 2020 golf season has been extremely successful here in Cochrane, but it's not just golf with a ball and club that is thriving. Disc golf is gaining momentum, mostly due to a new Facebook group being formed in hopes to find more players. 

Disc golf is played by throwing rubber discs into metal structures that look like hoops with chains hanging above them. 

Aaron Tremblett not only started the Facebook group but has also been giving free lessons to help introduce people to the sport. "Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world, it's amazing because the price point is so low that just about anybody can get into the sport, and the discs will last forever like you really can't break the frisbee that we play with because they're kind of a higher grade rubber plastic."

"We actually have a great little course here in town, nine holes down in Riverfront Park. It's actually quite a challenging course because the fairways are quite small, they're quite tight. It's been around for a few years. And as far as the Cochrane Disc Golf Club has gone we're just hoping to maybe expand the basket and maybe one day we can put a full size 18 hole course in town here."

Tremblett has also approached Town Council about possibly building new courses around town." Kind of a bigger part for me was to grow the club to get the word out there and kind of what we're doing. I did meet with counsel last year, about the Horse Creek recreational development that they have just north of heritage hills. Unfortunately, counsel just didn't feel that disc golf met what they were doing. I'm hoping that they reconsider."

Tremblett is welcoming anyone to join the Facebook group and to come to learn about disc golf on Saturday mornings here in Cochrane.