Did you know that the Town of Cochrane offers Water Conservation rebates? It’s no secret that Cochranites use a ton of water to keep lawns nice and green. Up to 50 percent of water use in the summer actually goes to just that.

To encourage residents to make the switch to other landscaping options, the Town of Cochrane offers several rebates.

For lawn alternatives like rock, artificial turf, rubber mulch, and hardscape, people can get 50 percent back to a maximum of $100.  Concrete slabs do not qualify.

If you choose to go with wood mulch, you can receive a 50 percent rebate of up to $75.

Fescue sod is another alternative to the classic grass lawn. This type of sod is able to flourish just with rainwater.

For fescue sod, you get a $60 rebate for every 500 square feet, up to $240.

No matter the direction you chose to go, all material must be purchased in the current calendar year to be eligible for a rebate.

Have your receipts handy and go here to apply for the rebates.