Buy a house, they said. It will be fun, they said.

I’ve been living in my current house for just about eight years and everything is now breaking. From my washing machine to my T.V. (a kid threw a marble at it but it still counts) and most recently, my dishwasher has stopped draining. 

Armed with several youtube videos and a screwdriver, I dove in. After siphoning out the undrained water (yummy), dropping the machine on my hand (there was blood EVERYWHERE) and a few tests, I was able to deduce that I needed a new drain part thingy (sorry for getting all technical with you). 

After waiting a week for the part to arrive, it was finally time to fix the dishwasher. I once again take it all apart (without even cutting myself) and install the new part but guess what? It still doesn’t work! FAIL.

It may be time to start hitting stuff with a hammer, stay tuned!

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