Cochrane is on track to have record-setting heat today but residents don't need to worry about additional water restrictions.

Level one watering restrictions are in place year-round in Cochrane and Cochrane Operations currently have no plans to increase the water use restriction from level one to level two.

“The success of Cochrane’s well-established Water Conservation Program has ensured we continue to minimize our overall impacts to the Bow River watershed,” reads a statement from the Town of Cochrane. 

“We are currently not increasing water restrictions to Level 2, but will continue to monitor usage, storage and flows of the Bow River, and will make adjustments as required.”

“Water Conservation initiatives such as our three-tier water rates, year-round Level 1 watering restrictions, time of day watering, community signage, low flow fixtures bylaw and the rebate program continue to impact and reduce our communities’ overall water use.”

The year-round level one water restrictions ask Cochranites to water outside before 10 a.m., or after 7 p.m. and to use surface and underground sprinklers for no more than 15 minutes per section of lawn.

“We would like to thank Cochrane residents for their conservation efforts, they are greatly appreciated and make a difference.”

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