Many Cochranites turned their thumb green this year by growing their very first garden. As plants grow, you might be finding some visitors among the fruits and vegetables.

Callandra Caufield from The Backyard Harvest Project explains what to do when you find insects in your garden. “You rejoice because that means that there is diversity in your garden. There are supposed to be bugs in your garden.”

“The very first thing that you do if you see a bug in your garden is take a deep breath and figure out what kind of bug it is. Now, don't get me wrong, there are things you don't want to see in your garden, you don't want to see slugs in your garden or lily beetles, those are things that you want to be concerned about.”

“I have yet to have a Cochrane summer where we didn't have a crazy aphid infestation around the last week of August.  Everyone's like, what can I do to aphids? Get your hose and spray them off.”

Caufield hopes that when new gardeners do run into insects they want to go, that they don’t turn right to chemical solutions. 

“I'm an organic gardener and I'm not a farmer who has to go and sell my food. I just don't feel like there's anything important enough for me to use those chemicals that we're still not totally sure about.”

“There are other ways to get rid of bugs, like using your fingers. Slugs are gross, but you put a headlamp on and go out at night and start picking those guys out, that's the best way to get rid of them.”

She says that education can go a long way and there are multiple resources in Cochrane, including the Cochrane Horticultural Society and garden centres like Anything Grows.

“One thing I will warn people of is there is a lot of old wives tales on the internet. When you go to Google what to do for this bug, some of the results, you're going to find are not at all are based on science.”

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