Dr Deena Hinshaw had a very busy week back after her holidays. She was tasked with providing updates and voicing concern over the increase of active cases in Alberta. On Thursday the province reported 120 new cases the first time at over 100 since May 2nd. 

Hinshaw says she is very concerned with reports that some Albertans are not social distancing properly. One case in point was the overcrowding at Sylvan Lake beach last weekend. She says, "I know that beach space can be difficult to come by in Alberta and crowding is sometimes happening on beaches. Where ever you go this weekend, whether it's to the beach, a hiking trail, or an activity indoors, please stay two metres apart from others."

Alberta's top doctor says, "I am concerned about reports of people who are feeling that public health measures are no longer important and I think that we all need to work together because ultimately our success in the future is in all of our hands."

So, enjoy your weekend but as Dr Hinshaw says, please do it from the proper physical distance.