During her Wednesday update, Dr Hinshaw addressed the outbreaks in meat processing plants in the province. There are 946 confirmed cases at Cargill with 798 recovered, 566 cases at JBS in Brooks with 434 recovered and 38 cases at Harmony Beef with 12 recovered.

Dr Hinshaw says, "I know Albertan's want these outbreaks to be over immediately. If I had the power to do so, I would make that happen. Unfortunately, this virus is like a forest fire once it has started to spread there are no simple or immediate ways to put it out. It takes time and hard work and proven practices that slow the spread."

Alberta's top doctor says AHS is watching the outbreaks very closely and working with operators to contain the spread. 

Dr Deena Hinshaw reported that six more lives have been lost to COVID 19. She also reported the following numbers:

  • 3494 tests processed in the past 24 hours
  • 70 new cases 
  • 5963 total cases in the province
  • 3552 Albertan's have recovered 
  • 632 confirmed cases in continuing care facilities in the province