If you've ever dreamed of living in a french chateau but you've brushed it off by saying it's a world-away, you can now bring that dream to the forefront again. 

There is a multi-million dollar chateau in Springbank that is set to be auctioned off at a deeply discounted price.

The starting bid for this 10 beds, 10 baths, more than 17,000-sq.-ft. home is a cool $9,830,000.

While $10 million might seem a little high for most of us Cochranites, this is actually a steal. This home was once listed at $20 million a couple of years ago. 

I'm thinking a group of us (we might need a very, very large group), should get together and bid on this house.

Who's with me? 

What would you do if you owned this piece of heaven? Let us know on our Facebook page.

~ Lauren